manager's office

Head of the Management
Name: Ali
Name: Mohammad Khani
Year of birth: 1354
Education: Bachelor of Accounting Auditing trends
Position: Head of the Management
:Duties Office Director
Manage and deliver their verbal commands to communicate with different people and units
Write and distribute reached by management and referral to relevant units and individuals
Notification letters sent to different units within the authority of the management organization
Handle current affairs management office
Follow the decisions of the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee
Help clients and respond to their questions and provide both telephone and in-person applicants do requests if necessary
Customizable management dashboard and emphasized the important and urgent letters
Informing superiors if any problems do something and provide comments if necessary
Ayt all regulations and instructions issued by the organization designated
8_Phone: 66917467

Introduction Manager



 Engineer MR Azarnia
Organization Manager

Municipal Cooperation of Tehran

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